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Here is How to Safely Reopen Commercial Facilities

Across the country, stores and businesses are slowly starting to reopen amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. As they do, the number of cases of infected people is still growing. For facility managers, this raises a lot of questions. How can we keep our buildings as safe as possible when we get back to work?While the goal […]

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commercial building security

Why Commercial Building Security Is More Important Than Ever

As the U.S. and global economies slow because of the major impact of COVID-19, you should prepare for the fact this may bring with it a need for additional building security in the facilities you manage. Over 20 million Americans have filed for some form of unemployment benefits in the past month thanks to the […]

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coronavirus cleaning service

Five Things Facility Managers Should be Doing Right Now

Things feel incredibly uncertain right now, and if you’re a facility manager, this pandemic may leave you with more questions than answers.  What should you be doing to protect your building from an outbreak?  The COVID-19 global pandemic has disrupted the way companies are doing business as more people physically distance and work from home. […]

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commercial cleaning tech

The Latest Developments in Commercial Cleaning Industry Tech

If you’ve ever dreamed of living in the “space age,” with robots, software and sleek technology that makes day-to-day life look a little bit more like “The Jetsons,” we’re already living in it! There’s new technology all around us every day, engineered to make our lives easier. If you manage a building or are the […]

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What Every Facility Manager Must Know About Coronavirus

It’s being talked about on every television and radio news program.  There are long lines at big box stores, where cases of water, disinfectants, hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes with bleach have been sold out for weeks. All thanks to the COVID-19 coronavirus. With all of this coverage and concern about how the virus will […]

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production rates matter when hiring a commercial cleaning service

What You Need To Know About Production Rates To Reduce Costs

It can be a confusing challenge to determine what is a fair price to pay to have your commercial building cleaned. There are so many different kinds of commercial properties with varying needs. Determining the pricing for a commercial cleaning service isn’t like the pricing of a residential home, where frequently the estimated time to […]

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condo cleaning services

Do You Know How to Choose the Right Condo Cleaning Services?

Florida has the highest number of condo communities in the country. In 2018, there were 48,250 condominium communities in the state of Florida, with 9,481,000 residents living in these communities.  This means that there is an average of 196 residents occupying each community.  Whether your condo community is much larger or slightly smaller, chances are […]

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commercial cleaning service

Image Matters: Why You Need a Commercial Cleaning Service

Maintaining the image of your commercial building isn’t just beneficial for customers and clients; it’s also beneficial to protect your relationship with your tenants. Building management is evolving and changing, and with it, so are your occupants’ expectations. Are you keeping up? One of the biggest developments in facilities management is the focus on the […]

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commercial floor care

Crucial Things You Need to Know About Commercial Floor Care

Many commercial buildings are high-traffic areas; they get a lot of use and are subject to a great deal of wear and tear.  No matter the weather, we bring our shoes into these commercial buildings, and with them any rain or snow, winter salt from an icy parking lot, or whatever else we happen to […]

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energy efficient building

6 Energy Conservation Tips For An Energy Efficient Building

We’re all concerned about our energy efficiency. Your facility’s bottom line and the environment can both benefit greatly from running your building when you use less energy and employ energy-saving tactics. Why should you focus on turning your facility into an energy-efficient, well-oiled machine? It pays for itself. Don’t believe us? Check out these staggering […]

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