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condo cleaning services

Do You Know How to Choose the Right Condo Cleaning Services?

Florida has the highest number of condo communities in the country. In 2018, there were 48,250 condominium communities in the state of Florida, with 9,481,000 residents living in these communities.  This means that there is an average of 196 residents occupying each community.  Whether your condo community is much larger or slightly smaller, chances are […]

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commercial cleaning service

Image Matters: Why You Need a Commercial Cleaning Service

Maintaining the image of your commercial building isn’t just beneficial for customers and clients; it’s also beneficial to protect your relationship with your tenants. Building management is evolving and changing, and with it, so are your occupants’ expectations. Are you keeping up? One of the biggest developments in facilities management is the focus on the […]

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commercial floor care

Crucial Things You Need to Know About Commercial Floor Care

Many commercial buildings are high-traffic areas; they get a lot of use and are subject to a great deal of wear and tear.  No matter the weather, we bring our shoes into these commercial buildings, and with them any rain or snow, winter salt from an icy parking lot, or whatever else we happen to […]

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energy efficient building

6 Energy Conservation Tips For An Energy Efficient Building

We’re all concerned about our energy efficiency. Your facility’s bottom line and the environment can both benefit greatly from running your building when you use less energy and employ energy-saving tactics. Why should you focus on turning your facility into an energy-efficient, well-oiled machine? It pays for itself. Don’t believe us? Check out these staggering […]

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janitorial industry turnover rate

Is the High Janitorial Industry Turnover Rate Costing You?

When you hire janitorial services for your commercial building, you probably aren’t thinking about the company’s operations. You just want to see the work they do for you and what they bill you.  But how they operate directly influences the quality and prices they offer.  There’s a dirty secret in the commercial cleaning industry, and […]

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car dealership cleaning

How To Avoid The Biggest Challenges Of Cleaning Your Car Dealership in Miami

The automotive industry and the cleaning industry are very similar in more ways than you realize. Both industries rely on making a strong, solid first impression with gleaming surfaces, and outstanding customer service.  For the auto industry, and for car dealerships in particular, this means that cars need to be sparkling clean. And in the […]

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school cleaning services

Does School Cleanliness Affect Student Performance?

For children, school is their second home. People are more productive in a clean, fresh-smelling work environment, and kids are no different in the school environment. A clean school provides a more productive environment for all. It may shock you to learn that the highest concentration of germs is not found in obvious places (like […]

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facilities management

Why the Future of Facilities Management is Now: Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence

It’s no surprise that facilities management comes at a cost. From the big cities to the suburbs, and even right here in Aventura, successfully managing can be expensive and time-consuming.  This is why many managers, like their counterparts in other sectors, are at the forefront of employing new technologies to help curb this cost and […]

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How Can A Proactive Maintenance Program Reduce Facility Management Costs?

A good facility manager has to walk a fine line between keeping assets like flooring, carpets and lighting properly maintained and staying within budget requirements.  That’s where a proactive maintenance program can be a facility manager’s best friend. Because an investment in maintaining assets now can mean saving big bucks later on. Let’s dive in […]

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retail store cleaning checklist

Is This What Your Retail Store Cleaning Checklist Looks Like?

Every detail of your store reveals something to your customers. From the merchandise displays to the lighting to the decor, everything should come together to create an atmosphere that fits the store’s brand and invites shoppers in. But none of that really matters if your store isn’t clean!  No matter what your store sells, the […]

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