Commercial Cleaning Services in Coral Gables, FL

Commercial Cleaning Services in Coral Gables, FL

Are you looking for commercial cleaning services in Coral Gables?

Our staff knows the ins and outs of Coral Gables and has the expert knowledge needed to serve your business. Our headquarters is in Miami, and Miami-Dade County is our home. We know the community and the level of service our businesses expect from their cleaning companies.

All Building Cleaning Corp has been serving the city of Miami and surrounding areas for over two decades. What’s the secret to our longstanding success in this vibrant community? It’s our company’s culture of customer service. Yes, we’ve got a customer service team at All Building Cleaning Corp, but every employee from the top down is responsible for the satisfaction of our clients.

Let us show you who we serve, what we do, and why All Building Cleaning Corp is the top choice for business owners in Coral Gables, South Florida who are eager to find a company to meet their cleaning needs.

Businesses We Work For

Our clients range from school buildings to warehouses distribution centers. All of our employees receive customized training on the types of businesses they will be cleaning. We are bonded and insured, and administer background checks on all of our cleaning professionals. Other types of offices and businesses we serve are:

  • Dental offices
  • Surgery centers
  • Doctors offices
  • Preschools
  • Auto dealerships
  • Industrial buildings
  • Grocery stores
  • Boutiques

This is by no means a comprehensive list— contact us to see how we can help your business.

Services We Offer

We offer a wide range of cleaning services in Coral Gables, and can tailor your cleaning plan to your specific needs:

Our commercial cleaning services in Coral Gables include all of the above and more. Contact our customer service team for more information!

24/7 Availability

Emergency cleaning is available anytime for Coral Gables. Our cleaning teams are local to this area and can be to your facility ASAP.

Outsourcing your cleaning means that you will never miss a cleaning day, or have a mess that cannot be attended to by a professional. No matter what, we will send a team to your facility for your routine cleaning, or in case of an emergent need.

All Building Cleaning Corp holds the highest cleaning standards. Don’t get bogged down in the cost of employee management (uniforms, cleaning products, equipment costs, and employee costs) for your facility’s cleaning. Trust us to take care of your building’s health and cleanliness.

Coral Gables’ Go To Cleaning Company

We have 20 years of experience in Coral Gables and our high cleaning standards have stood the test of time.

We use the top technology in the cleaning industry to ensure that the products we use are safe for your staff and anyone who enters your building. The latest cleaning equipment means we will be safe, efficient, and leave your building in the cleanest state possible. You will never have to worry about stocking cleaning products or buying cleaning equipment when you trust your building to us.

Call our expert customer service team in Coral Gables today and leave your cleaning worries behind you!

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