Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Commercial Window Cleaning

Sparkling windows are a reflection of your business. As your full-service building service contractor, we will wash your windows both inside and out.

Our window cleaning services in South Florida for commercial buildings can be post-construction or on a regular schedule. We provide window-cleaning service across Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

Benefits of clean windows

The benefits of semi-regular window cleaning are immense. Like carpets and floors, and your own appearance, looks do matter. And clean windows speak volumes about your professionalism. So it is wise to have your windows cleaned by professionals on a regular basis. Regular cleaning also helps to preserve your windows.

Clean windows also have another impact on your bottom line — happier and more hard-working employees. It sounds obvious, but clean windows allow for more sunshine in the office, which has health benefits and boosts energy. Your employees will work harder and call in sick less often.

For these reasons, it is important to hire professionals to wash your windows.

Exterior window cleaning

Depending on your building structure, clean windows might be the first thing a client sees when visiting. Keeping them clean and shiny is attractive. We are not high-rise window washers, but for small commercial spaces and residences, we have the folks for the job.

Interior window cleaning

In addition to cleaning your office exterior, we also offer full interior window cleaning for your business. Interior window cleaning is meticulous. Your exterior window might be perfectly clean, but if the interior is not it is kind of moot.

We thoroughly clean each window so that both sides are spot free. If your initial concern is employee disruption our staff is trained to be as courteous and quiet as possible so that business is never interrupted. Our window washing employees are also trained to be thorough, yet efficient. They are like ghosts.

We only use safe window cleaning chemicals that do not stain or damage your business interior or window frames or leave a residue or make employees ill.

Customized window-cleaning plans

Whatever your window cleaning needs, call us for a consultation and an estimate. When you receive your window washing quote, we will suggest a schedule for washing the windows in your building. In most commercial buildings, outside windows will be washed more frequently than inside windows. But that is up to you, the customer.


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