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Things To Consider Before Hiring Your Next Cleaning Service

Things To Consider Before Hiring Your Next Cleaning Service

Deciding to hire a cleaning service for your building or office space is a wise choice. That said, not every cleaning service will be the best fit for your company. There are several factors you should look at as you begin to interview cleaning companies about their services.

While a lower price might seem like the best option for your budget, it can come with risks. To ensure the safety of your employees and your property, these four factors should be taken into consideration when hiring a cleaning service.

Consideration #1: Insurance

Given the lack of regulation of the cleaning industry, cleaning services are not required to have insurance. However, it is vital that the cleaning company you hire for your business has liability insurance, bonding, and worker’s compensation.

If an accident should happen to one of the cleaning crew while on your property, you need to be assured there is insurance to take care of it. This also will ensure anything that might be accidentally broken by the cleaning crew will not be paid for out of your pocket to replace.

Do not take their word for it, make sure you see proof of insurance before hiring the company.

Consideration #2: Building Walk-Through

The cleaning company should come to your building to do a walk-through during the hiring process. They cannot give you an accurate quote for pricing unless they see the building and a full list of what you expect from them.

During the walk-through take note of what the company’s representative is doing. Are they taking notes, measurements, and asking you questions? These signs of professionalism— or lack thereof— should be taken seriously.

Consideration #3: Subcontractors

Some cleaning companies hire workers as subcontractors. You might not know what the difference is, but it is an important one. Subcontracted workers are responsible for paying all their own taxes. They are responsible for carrying all their own insurance. This is why some cleaning companies can offer services at a much lower price than others. However, the IRS has many stipulations when it comes to classifying workers as employees vs subcontractors. Make sure the cleaning company that uses subcontractors is doing so legally.

If you get a quote from a company far lower than others, make sure that you ask about the status of their employees. If they are subcontracted, the company may be trying to “beat the system” so to speak. It suggests questionable business practices, and you should steer clear.

Consideration #4: Supplies and Equipment

Something worth a little research is the kind of supplies and equipment the company you are interviewing uses. Safety and efficiency should be a top consideration when a cleaning company chooses supplies and equipment.

For example, do they use upright or backpack vacuums? Either are available to them, but backpack vacuums have hepa filtration systems, proven to capture and remove more dust particles preventing them from becoming airborne. In addition, they have much higher production rates than upright vacuums, so the additional time savings should be passed onto you, the customer.

The cleaning agents they use are also very important to note. Many companies have switched to using more natural, non-toxic products. These will be better for the health of your building and your employees.

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