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Are You Losing Tenants due to Poor Janitorial Service?

Are You Losing Tenants due to Poor Janitorial Service?

Choosing the wrong commercial cleaning services can end up costing you– big time. From damages caused by using incorrect cleaning products on vulnerable surfaces to unskilled cleanings that dampen your tenants’ faith in your facility, trying to cut costs with unprofessional janitorial services can take a big toll on your finances.

What do you need to know about the costs of bad cleaning? Let’s take a look:

The Price You’ll Pay for a Bad Cleaning: Lost Rental Income and Vacancies

Vacancies can be incredibly costly for your bottom line. A dirty space can cause your tenants to flee. Depending on the size of your building, each tenant brings in revenue– from a few thousand dollars per month to tens of thousands of dollars each month. You can’t afford for tenants to grow dissatisfied with your facility and leave. Your facility will sit vacant, and you’ll lose income.

Having a workspace sit empty for a month or longer can have devastating effects on your budget. Think of it from your tenant’s point of view though: streaky windows or dirty floors aren’t welcoming signs for their clients. They may choose to move their organization elsewhere.

Tenants can lose business if your building isn’t clean; they will quickly grow tired with an unkempt facility and leave. Many facility managers don’t think about this. Instead, they opt to space cleanings far apart to cut costs, or hire inexperienced cleaners, or try to manage cleaning on their own. The hidden costs from choosing a cheaper cleaning service or reducing the service plans for your building? You’ll end up with repeated subpar cleanings– which can have a devastating effect on your building and your revenue.

The Hidden Costs of Inexperienced Cleaners: Pricey Surface Damage and Disrepair

What’s a major potential hidden cost for your building? You may try to reduce cleaning costs by hiring new, inexperienced, or unprofessional cleaners, but they don’t know which products to use or how to use them properly. They could end up doing a great deal of damage to the various surfaces in your facility.

Here’s an example: We encountered a movie theater bathroom where an untrained cleaner used the wrong type of cleaning solution on the counters and faucets. The cleaning solution these cleaners used was an acid-based solution -which was perfect for scrubbing toilets- but this acidic solution should never have been used on surfaces like the chrome, marble, or granite found in this bathroom. In this case, all of the faucet fixtures were ruined and had to be replaced.

If you have granite or marble countertops, you need to be aware that these materials are porous. This means that these materials have the potential to absorb the cleaning chemicals used on them.  You need to hire a cleaning company that knows how to care for these surfaces.

Using the wrong cleaning chemicals on certain surfaces can lead to fading or discoloration. This damage might not happen after one cleaning but the effects build up over time, requiring you to replace these expensive features. Untrained building cleaning services may not choose the right products for each surface in your building, leading to costly repairs like this one.

What can these damaged surfaces end up costing you? The average replacement cost of repairing or replacing a commercial bathroom can start around $12,000-$15,000 but this number could skyrocket depending on the size of the restroom and its finishings. 

What if you’ve hired a cleaning company for your office cleaning services and they damage your flooring or leave it in disrepair? It could take a few days or even weeks for new flooring to be installed or for repairs to be finished, while your building sits empty. 

When you search for a janitorial service to clean your facility, you need to ensure that they are fully trained and equipped to properly care for it. How can you be sure that they are up to the task? These questions are great to suss out a potential cleaning company, and are a strong indicator of their qualifications:

  • What training do team members receive? 
  • Do you perform background checks? 
  • Are you insured?
  • What is the company’s turnover rate?
  • Is there any form of quality control?

You’re much less likely to find yourself facing expensive repairs like the movie theatre restroom if you have a trained cleaning staff who know which products are safe for each surface. If the cleaning company that services your building offers inadequate staff training, accidents like this are bound to happen. Hiring a janitorial service can provide you with peace of mind, but only if their employees are trained and qualified.

Knowing the turnover rate for commercial cleaning services will let you know how familiar their staff will be with your building. You’ll feel more secure that they are using the right cleaning products for the right surfaces. If a cleaning company has high turnover, the likelihood that they have new hires on the job more frequently and the chances for property damage both increase. 

Hiring a cleaning service with a low turnover rate and a great training program in place is like an extra level of protection for your building. You can trust that you’re in good hands.

All Building Cleaning Corp: Qualified, Reliable Janitorial Services

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