Commercial Cleaning Services in Sunrise, FL

Commercial Cleaning Services in Sunrise, FL

Situated on the glorious Florida Everglades, the city of Sunrise has been trusting All Building Cleaning Corp with their commercial cleaning needs for over two decades.

All Building Cleaning Corp has earned a reputation for excellence in commercial cleaning with the businesses of Sunrise and the surrounding areas. We serve the Southeast Florida counties of Miami-Dade and Broward.

If you’re ready to hire a cleaning company for your business, let us tell you why All Building Cleaning Corp will be the last commercial cleaning company you’ll ever need.

A Local Company

Our headquarters are in Miami, but we’ve branched out to new office locations in Broward County as well. You know when you call our company you are talking to someone who lives and works where you do.

We are based in your community so we care about it as much as you do. We want the businesses of Sunrise, Florida to leave the immaculate first impression on their clients and customers we know they deserve.

Our cleaning professionals take pride in their work because they live in the city of Sunrise and surrounding areas. You will never have to worry about your cleaning teams not knowing the area your business is in, because they work in the area every day!

Services We Provide For You

No matter what your commercial cleaning needs, All Building Cleaning Corp can provide for your business. The following are just some of the services we provide the city of Sunrise:

  • Janitorial cleaning
    • During business and non-business hours
  • Green cleaning
    • Your business can continue its efforts to be environmentally conscious with our cleaning equipment and products
  • Carpet cleaning
    • Emergency or maintenance cleaning
  • Office cleaning
    • We offer many different packages to keep your office clean
  • Window cleaning
    • Emergency or maintenance cleaning
  • Concrete polishing
    • We offer many packages to keep your concrete looking its best year round
  • Post-construction cleaning
    • Don’t leave the clean-up to your employees, we can take care of it for you
  • Commercial floor cleaning, including:
    • Tile
    • Granite
    • Marble
    • Carpets
    • Vinyl and ceramic tile

Do you have a need not listed here? Just ask our incredible customer service team and they can provide you with detailed information about all our commercial cleaning services.

Save the Headache of In-house Cleaning

When you hire an employee to take care of your commercial cleaning needs, you take on many responsibilities for your cleaning. You will have hiring costs for the employee. You will have uniform costs. You will have to decide the cleaning schedule. You will have to buy equipment and cleaning product. You will have to reorder cleaning product and fix equipment when it breaks down. And if you only have one janitor for your cleaning needs, when he or she is sick, you don’t have a cleaning. Who will take care of the cleaning in that case?

With All Building Cleaning Corp, all of these headaches go away. Our cleaning teams are highly-trained, highly-motivated cleaning professionals. We take care of the equipment and product needed to clean your business. We take care of the employee costs. All you’ll have to do is meet with one of our supervisors or managers to walk through your cleaning needs and we provide a detailed cleaning plan.

Don’t make the mistake of taking care of you cleaning yourself. Outsource your commercial cleaning needs with All Building Cleaning Corp in Sunrise, Florida.

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