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What Every Facility Manager Must Know About Coronavirus

What Every Facility Manager Must Know About Coronavirus

It’s being talked about on every television and radio news program.  There are long lines at big box stores, where cases of water, disinfectants, hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes with bleach have been sold out for weeks. All thanks to the COVID-19 coronavirus. With all of this coverage and concern about how the virus will […]

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employees leave

Why Your Best Employees Leave (And what you can do to keep them)

One of the things I’ve learned after all the years of owning a commercial cleaning business is that employees leave. Some within weeks of being hired, others may not leave for years. But they all leave eventually. Employee turnover has always been a challenge in the cleaning industry, but now it’s affecting all industries. I’m […]

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How to Properly Maintain Commercial HVAC Systems

Property managers and building owners alike know how important their Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are. Repairs— or worse yet, replacements— of HVAC systems are among the biggest expenses you can have. The best thing any building manager or owner can do is have a smart maintenance plan in place to properly care […]

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School cleaning

Choosing a School Cleaning Company in Miami: What to Consider

School is back in session! While moms and dads around the country are jumping for joy and we all look forward to the weather cooling off, the crisp fall air also brings with it the dreaded flu virus. You can tell kids to wash their hands and to sneeze into their elbow all day long, […]

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concrete floor polishing

Concrete Floor Polishing Keeps Your Facility Looking Great

There are many benefits (and very few drawbacks) to having polished concrete floors in your facility. Concrete floors hold up to heavy traffic, they are easy to clean, and will likely last the lifetime of your building. They are even very easy to change if you decide you want a different kind of flooring; after […]

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Day cleaning

Day Cleaning vs Night Cleaning: Which Is Right For You?

Hiring a commercial cleaning company is a smart choice for busy property managers. Not only will you save your company time and money, but you will also ensure the health and cleanliness of the office environment for customers and employees alike. A reputable commercial cleaning company should discuss the benefits of each during the walk-through […]

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Team Cleaning or Zone Cleaning: Which is Better For Your Facility?

When hiring a cleaning company for your commercial building, there are a lot of factors to consider. Does the company provide their own equipment? What hours do they offer to clean your facility? Do they have a good reputation? Do they contract out their cleaning teams? But there’s one question you might not know that […]

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