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The value added by utilizing the Team Cleaning method at offices is significant! A few years back an approach known as “zone cleaning” was mostly employed to clean offices. The zone cleaning method is a concept for cleaning big spaces in which a designated worker is tasked with carrying out all of the cleaning jobs on that specific place. Those jobs can include throwing the garbage, vacuuming, mopping, restroom cleaning, dusting, and so on and each employees was accountable for the job carried out in that region. The issue with this technique is that there is a large amount of unused production moment invested in shifting in between each of the services done…EX: to start by throwing the trash then switch to vacuuming suggests that you will need to leave the building to go to the dumpster walk back to the office, then, remove your gloves, then find the vacuum, set the vacuum on and commence that task. The cumbersome shift similar to this occurs for each service carried out in the building.

However, if a single worker is given a particular job, like vacuuming, that person does NOTHING but vacuum the entire area. They never have to cease working to change jobs and leave the work area. It’s a way more efficient way of getting higher production levels from employees. Also, oversight are mitigated with this approach! The point that every cleaner should concentrate on a singular job means that the margin for error is shrunk because many tasks are not being asked out of this cleaner. Simplicity and concentration are key!

And finally, when it comes to liability, this model works best if routine inspections are performed with a critical eye toward how work in every one of the jobs are being executed not necessarily how the space appears as a whole. Since a single cleaner handles the given task for the whole building, improving a cleaners works easier. If you need to find out more about this particular model or want to make sure that you have an outstanding Cleaning Service in Miami, FL call, e-mail or fill out the form down below today!